About US

Timber and Steel builds custom furniture that seeks to connect the past to the present. We strive to make furniture that uses local materials, like fallen trees from the area, materials from old buildings to connect people to the area's history.


Aliquippa is the unlikely place where we have found a home. We are not originally from this area. We never dreamed that we would fall in love with the place and later return. My brother was flipping a house and we stopped by to help him out on our way from Syracuse, NY to Denver. After my wife finished graduate school in Denver we decided to pack up our little family and move back to Aliquippa. We love being a part of Aliquippa's story and having it be such a big part of ours.

My Path to Carpentry


I have always loved tinkering and being creative. When I went to college I received a degree in International Community Development. I started my own business doing contracting full time and found a passion for woodworking. .With Timber and Steel I get to combine my passions for woodworking, creating, hearing people's stories, and developing community. Check out some of my projects in the portfolio page.

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